Witches Brew

Gluten-Free S’More Cups

  Hey All! With a roller derby bout coming up the demand for baked goodies is upon us! Being the lazy ass that I am I wanted to make a Gluten-Free dessert that wasn't too difficult to make. Often times I find that Gluten-Free recipes ask for A LOT of items that I am too impatient… Continue reading Gluten-Free S’More Cups

Witches Brew

Breakfast in a pinch!

Hello, Dudes & Dudettes! If you are like me, you have those mornings where you don't feel like making anything crazy when you first get up, or you just don't want to put that much effort into your meals, aka being lazy as fuck. I personally don't have time to make time-consuming breakfast with several ingredients.… Continue reading Breakfast in a pinch!