Fiesta Wedding

Hello loves!

Recently I had the honor and privilege of helping my two love bird friends plan a budget friendly, fiesta wedding. The end results were amazing, to say the least. After lots of brainstorming, online shopping, and local store browsing, we were able to pull together the most romantic fiesta wedding ever!


The tables were covered with colorful tablecloths and topped with cute potted succulents that I planted in old unused candle jars. We also made glitter covered bottles for each table and filled them with bright and vibrant daisies.

mexican succulent

In order to really tie into the Mexican theme, we also used old El Pato cans to plant these cute little succulents in and underneath all this magic we placed Mexican blanket runners. These colorful runners were purchased for dirt cheap from a whole sale online store. These runners really tied into the whole fiesta theme.


Did I mention that we hand-made all of the Mexican flowers that you see in each photo? This part was a bit more time consuming but it really pulled everything together.


For the aisle that the happy couple walked down, we used Mexican votive candles and lined the runway with confetti left over from the paper flowers. The arch was also made by a friend using colorful paper.


What would a wedding be without the Bride and Grooms table? We decorated their table with paper flowers, sugar skulls, and succulents to tie together the whole theme. We made the sign in the back out of an old wood plank left over from an old bed frame.


Finally, you can’t have a wedding without a photo booth. We used an old Mexican blanket, paper flowers, and prop print-outs that were purchased from etsy. The sign was hand-made by using wood flags piece, chalk paint, chalk markers, and twine.

In the end, with lots of hands, time, creativity and a solid theme, you really can pull together any romantic budget friendly wedding that you put your mind to.





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