D.I.Y Terrarium

Hey, Dudes & Dudettes!

Today I am going to show you a budget-friendly way of dressing up your coffee table with a visually soothing terrarium *ahh*.  Succulents are a great way to add some color to your home. Plant killer? No problem! Succulents are extremely easy for someone like me who isn’t the best with plants to take care of. With that being said if I can do it so can you, haha! What is also great about these terrariums is that they don’t need direct sunlight since the terrarium acts as a mini greenhouse. The rocks and sand act as a great anti-gnat filler. Let’s get started!


Here is what you will need:

  • Cactus Soil
  • Rocks
  • Sand
  • Glass fish bowl

Step 1: Fill your glass bowl with enough sand to cover the bottom of the bowl. At least 1 inch in height.

Step 2: Add your cactus soil over the layer of sand, leaving 1-inch empty on top.

Step 3: Plant your succulents, then add rocks around them! Let’s also remember to water your plants. We don’t want to have any mistakes happen *cough*Plant Killer *cough*.

Step 4: Place your beautiful masterpiece on your coffee table, and enjoy!

There you have it! A budget friendly terrarium. You can honestly add anything to your individual terrariums such as moss, tiny gnomes, baby dinos, or tiny houses to make them look like little bubbles of land! I found most of my items at the dollar store (because who wants to spend 5 dollars on an empty glass container, not me, ha!). If you are on an even tighter budget, you can always collect rocks outside, and even sand if you live near a beach. Terrarium’s, add a great touch to any home. They also make great gifts!




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